Dr John Vrazas is a private endovascular specialist.

Dr Vrazas conducts procedures that are excluded from some health insurance policies. Our team are not able to answer what your personal health policy will cover. You are required to contact your private health insurance provider to confirm what is covered for any procedures you require.

As a private biller, Dr Vrazas charges a fee for appointments and procedures. These fees are higher than the Medicare rebate. The amount covered by your Private Health Fund is dependent on your policy and fund.

This means there WILL be an out-of-pocket cost, also often called a gap payment, for the care you receive.  

As a clinic we will provide an estimate of the likely medical costs you will be required to pay for your in-hospital or day surgery elective procedure.

Patients will receive a quote detailing the item numbers and anticipated fees.

Accounts must be paid in full 1 week prior to your procedure.

Following your procedure a receipt account will be issued for you to claim any rebates directly from Medicare and your private health insurance.

Patients without private health insurance will also receive information about the costs of a hospital stay if required. Please speak with the team if you have any further questions about fees and billing.