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Melbourne Institute of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (MIVIR)

MIVIR, Melbourne Institute of Vascular and Interventional Radiology is a unique specialist medical practice founded in 2006 by Dr. John Vrazas, Vascular physician, Endovascular and Interventional Specialist.

Having trained in interventional radiology and cardiovascular diseases in Australia, the USA and Europe, Dr. Vrazas has a vision of providing an holistic approach to medical and surgical problems in adults and children using minimally invasive techniques under imaging guidance, coupled with diagnostic techniques and clinical patient care using a model that is the first of its kind in Australia. We provide a point of difference to traditional open surgical approaches to both complex and simple medical problems.

A hand picked team of sonographers, nursing and administrative staff ensure that all patients receive care of the highest quality in a modern and caring environment.

The diagnostic arm of the service involves clinical evaluation as well as a dedicated ultrasound and non-invasive vascular laboratory, managed by Mr John Donlan, Head of Vascular Sonography.

State of the art equipment, coupled with unique software and reporting modules ensures diagnostic studies of the highest quality, accuracy and reproducibility.

Renown for vascular diagnosis and intervention, MIVIR has evolved to provide the latest in treatments for varicose veins, hypertension and liver disease. Some of the latest innovations include renal denervation for difficult to control blood pressure, laser therapy for varicose veins and specialised ultrasound techniques to diagnose and follow up chronic liver disease.

In conjunction with some of Melbourne’s best neurosurgeons, MIVIR also offers treatments for brain aneurysms and other vascular conditions of the brain.

The range of procedures treatments is exhaustive ranging from vascular access, peripheral vascular disease to interventions for cancer patients.

A special interest area is vascular anomalies, or birthmarks, women’s health, especially fibroids and the special needs of sick children.

Learn more about the procedures we perform here.

Meet the Team

Dr John Vrazas - Head of the team at MIVIR

Dr John Vrazas

Director and Interventional Radiologist

Dr Vrazas can be contacted on (03) 9411 7165 and is more than happy to discuss treatment options.

Read More about Dr John Vrazas here.

John Donlan part of the team at MIVIR

John Donlan

Chief Sonographer Ultrasound Services

Member of the team at MIVIR

Martin Forbes

Regional Vascular Services Chief Sonographer Ultrasound services

Can be contacted on martinfrvs@gmail.com

Administration Team

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Julie Grogan

Personal Assistant to Dr John Vrazas

Phone: (03) 9411 7165

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Robyn Musker

Personal Assistant to Dr John Vrazas

Phone: (03) 9411 7165

Author: Dr John Vrazas