Regional Vascular Services

In November 2015 MIVIR opened a vascular ultrasound service in Bendigo. It was felt that there was a deficiency in providing a dedicated vascular diagnostic service to the patients in central Victoria.

Martin Forbes, a vascular sonographer of 25 years, heads up the service now based in Hargeaves Street, Bendigo. A full range of vascular ultrasound services are provided including resting and exercise pressure indices for evaluating the severity of lower limb circulation problems. All tests at our rooms in Queen’s street are bulk billed with a Medicare card.

The service has recently acquired a top of the range portable ultrasound scanner. This has allowed us to provide services to patients how are unable, or find it difficult, to attend the clinic. This has been most valuable to patients in nursing homes or patients that have to rely on friends and family to transport them.

We believe that we are not just an imaging service in that we can provide treatment options for patients. A lot of patients in this area have long standing medical issues where there has not been many options for them in the past. Modern vascular diagnostic imaging can help the GP and patient manage these issues. Dr John Vrazas has started treating a lot of patients, from the Bendigo region, at his rooms at St Vincent’s Private hospital in Melbourne. These include angioplasty of arteries and endovascular laser ablation and sclerotherapy of veins. Some of these patients have had venous problems for over 20 years.

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