St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Melbourne proud to announce a first

St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Melbourne, cardiovascular centre and operating theatres are very proud to announce a first!

An infant boy was delivered today in the vascular suite at the Cardiovascular Centre by caesarean section performed by Dr’s Olive and O’Callaghan.

The patient was at 36 weeks gestation with a history of uterine fibroids and a low-lying placenta.

This placed her and her baby at high risk of significant bleeding at the time of delivery.

To minimise any danger to the mother and baby, obstetricians Dr’s Olive and O’Callaghan partnered with Interventional Radiologist Dr John Vrazas to perform a hybrid surgical procedure in the vascular lab at St Vincents Private.

Careful planning and coordination between operating theatres and the Cardiovascular Centre resulted in a silky smooth procedure, which culminated in the delivery of a healthy baby boy at 12.30 pm on the 2nd March 2016.

Dr Vrazas inserted femoral artery catheters allowing access to the uterine arteries bilaterally.  This was to interrupt flow to the uterus in case of heavy bleeding at the time of delivery.  Dr’s Olive and O’Callaghan performed an uneventful caesarean section to deliver the baby boy.

He was then examined by Dr John Mills (Paediatrician) and found to be completely healthy.

Fortunately, no bleeding complication occurred and no further treatment was required.

Happily, both mother and baby are well.  The Dr’s, nurses and theatre support staff worked like a well-oiled machine to achieve this magnificent outcome today at St Vincents Private.

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